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Hope and change means indefinite detention with the very best liberal interpretation money can buy.


A Hole

A bone to pick

Brussels Sprouts

My gardening season ends shortly, which means even into late December I’m still harvesting this year’s produce. Those last, precious harvests have consisted almost entirely of Brussels Sprouts. There have been a few carrots and parsnips, but not enough to count. I could have had quite a few of them. But I blew it. I got impatient and hauled them all in, some well before they were ready.

There’s no reason in the Berkshires why I shouldn’t have plenty of late season vegetables and there’s even a possibility of “hoop crops” throughout most of the winter. Gardening hoops are just that: hoops, with clear plastic stretched over them to form a greenhouse arrangement. They need maintenance, but nothing like what’s needed for a major garden over the regular season. Only full sun areas are suitable for them and the soil should be very high in compost. The crops need to be frost tolerant and you have to be patient. Next year…